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Do you know that there are roughly 6 billion (figures as in 2013, first half) mobile phone subscribers worldwide and 30% of them are in India and China?  So you can very well imagine the potential of reaching out to this massive market.

JMCO can help you tap into this market that has an unprecedented potential in terms of marketing and lead generation. You see, although the numbers are big, the response rate can be quite deceptive unless you have a competitive partner who can handle your entire mobile phone marketing campaign, right from zeroing-in on the right demographics to the content of SMS messages to the timing of the campaign and finally, the delivery. But this is just one aspect of mobile marketing.

At JMCO we offer the following mobile marketing services:

    • SMS marketing
    • SMS Coupons Marketing
    • Mobile optimized web page designing
    • QR code marketing

SMS Marketing

Consider these SMS marketing statistics:

    • 95-98% text messages are read within minutes of receiving them
    • 38% of consumers and prospective customers and clients interact with their brands via text messages
    • SMS marketing is the largest mobile marketing channel according to the revenue it generates
    •  86% mobile phone users are comfortable with receiving and sending text messages

The response rate of an SMS campaign can be instantaneous. You send out a message and within minutes you start receiving enquiries and 
calls.In fact this is one of the fastest direct response marketing methods the world has experienced. JMCO has the wherewithal to carry out your SMS marketing campaign in most synchronized manner to provide you the greatest ROI per message. Our servers can send out hundreds of thousands of SMS messages without clogging the networks.

SMS Coupons Marketing

SMS coupon marketing is a great way of generating additional sales by broadcasting special, customized offers to mobile phone subscribers who have already shown interest in your product or service by visiting your website or by sending a text message after seeing your advertisement in a publication. You can broadcast coupons via text messages in the form of coupon codes or unique URLs that recipients can click and avail the offer. Using the massive database that we already have we can help you reach your target audience in a short span of time. Just tell us about the discount you are offering, your target audience and leave the rest to us. We take care of the logistics as well as the timing to deliver you optimal result.

Mobile optimized web page designing

Mobile devices are rapidly surpassing computers and laptops in generating web traffic. You will be surprised to know that more people end up at your website via their mobile phones and tablets compared to PCs and laptops. In USA more than 60% of web traffic comes from smart phones. But you have a problem if your website is not mobile device compatible. What does that mean?

Mobile phones come with their own constraints, such as small screen size and smaller fonts. Conventional website designs cannot be viewed on mobile screens as they are. You need different versions: truncated versions that arrange your information in such a manner that it doesn't appear cramped and miniaturized on a mobile device.

Here at JMCO we can design a mobile version of your website without compromising on quality and usability. Whether it is a simple content rich website or a multimedia enabled portal we  can easily convert it into a full-fledged mobile friendly avatar that will look awesome on web enabled phones such as the iPhone, Android phones as well as the BlackBerry.

QR Code marketing

Have you lately noticed chequered square boxes appearing on various packaging’s, visiting cards and even shampoo bottles? These are QR Codes. A QR code is a graphical representation of, in most of the cases, a URL. Just point your mobile phone camera at the QR code in front of you and you will be taken to the URL represented via it. No need to type the entire URL using your smart phone keyboard.

What are its business implications? Many.

Representing a URL is just one utility. You can also enclose phone numbers and other product specific information in a QR Code without taking up lots of space. It's a concept that is going to revolutionize the way information is presented in limited space. All you need is a mobile phone that can scan a QR Code and process the information contained within it.

QR codes also present you with lots of market analytics opportunities. This is where Viral Boom can help you. We will not just create QR codes for your various website links we will also help you analyze what sort of traffic is generated via your code and how many people actually react to your advertisement. The possibilities in mobile marketing are practically limitless because the use of mobile phones is increasing exponentially every second day. So if you are not targeting your mobile audience, there is a massive business opportunity that you are overlooking.

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